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CommodoRex is a game that allows to submit scores online using WiC64 Wireless interface or 64NIC+ ethernet cartridge.

To be able to connect CommodoRex to internet using 64NIC+ ethernet card (in RR-Net mode), you have to set up IPCONFIG-DEFAULT file. IPCONFIG-DEFAULT is a configuration file used for example by Singular web browser. This file is loaded on startup from the disk drive #8.

Additionaly, if you're running the game from the cartridge, you have to use cartridge expander in order to connect 64NIC+ and the game cartridge at the same time. It's possible! Read more here how to setup 64NIC+ with X-Pander 3.

Set up CommodoRex using programs available on disk:

1. Run SETMAC (released by Devia).


It will fetch MAC address of your 64NIC+ ethernet cartridge. Write it down. Note: The MAC address is provided in hexadecimal values that you will need to convert to decimal values later on.

2. Run DHCP (available also from Contiki).


This program is used to obtain dynamic IP, Gateway, Network and DNS server addresses. Use F5/F7 and RETURN key to navigate. You can also use Commodore 1351 mouse instead. Request IP Address. Write it down, you'll need it later. Saving in DHCP will update the CONTIKI.CFG so it's not necessary in this case.

3. It's time to build the IPCONFIG-DEFAULT configuration file with all the information you've gathered. Load IPCONFIG program (available also for Singular web browser) but do not run it yet, but LIST it instead.


If you're using different adapter than RR-NET, change value in the ADAPTER line. Note: We didn't test online connection with other solutions. Provide MAC address in the MAC line. Note that you have to convert all hexadecimal values to decimal, and only for this field. Then, provide other addresses. Don't touch the first two values (bytes) in each DATA line as they are used as the headers for each address.

Then, RUN this program. It will update IPCONFIG-DEFAULT file on your disk #8 with the addresses provided. This file will be loaded automatically when connecting online in the game.

That's it! Run the game from the disk (just type LOAD "*",8), or if you have a cartridge version, insert the cartridge into the port or X-Pander. Press the fire button, select HI-SCORES ONLINE followed by selecting CONNECT USING RR-NET. You should see hi-scores fetched from the server.

After creating a new account, you can provide your login credentials and store them on disk or tape, so you don't need to provide credentials the next time.

Compete with other players and enjoy the game! Check the best CommodoRex players over the world.

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