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CommodoRex is a game that allows to submit scores online using WiC64 Wireless interface or 64NIC+ ethernet cartridge.

Do you want to set up CommodoRex with WiC64 interface? We have some good news! If you already set up your WiC64, you don't have to do anything more! No configuration files are needed, you're ready to go... or rather run!

If you didn't set your WiC64 yet, follow instructions you can find on the official site of the WiC64 project. In general, you have to run WLAN-CONFIG or WIC64-LAUNCHER on Commodore 64 to set up WiC64 with WiFi for the first time.

That's it! Run the game, press the fire button, select HI-SCORES ONLINE followed by selecting CONNECT USING WIC64. You should see hi-scores fetched from the server. After creating a new account, you can provide your login credentials and store them on disk or tape, so you don't need to provide credentials the next time.

Compete with other players and enjoy the game! Check the best CommodoRex players over the world.

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