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Web emulator should be available in a few seconds... For the best experience, please run on the real Commodore 64 hardware or with a C64 emulator. Have a great time!

How to play


W - move forward
A - rotate left (90 degree)
S - move back
D - rotate right (90 degree)
, [comma] - strafe left
. [dot] - strafe right
SPACE BAR - starts new game, shoot
P - pause


  • An arrow on top of the screen indicates location of the cauldron.
  • The green bar at the bottom indicates your health level.
  • The blue bar below indicates when your projectile spell is recharged.
  • All bones you'll find will be shown in the right bottom corner.

How to play

  • The number of bones is unknown (but I think there are 13 of them).
  • Collected bones can be dropped in the cauldron by taking a step towards it.
  • Be smart about it, as dropping each bone to the cauldron replenishes a portion of your health level.
  • It takes several seconds for your projectile spell to recharge.

The 4k version of "Bring back my bones" game was submitted to 2020 Reset Magazine 4kb 'Craptastic' Game Compo. Enjoy the game and other compo entries from Craptastic 2020!

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