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The chilling breeze shall freeze the blood in your veins. Meonlawel is a beautiful computer role-playing adventure game, with vampyres in the leading role.


Platform: Commodore 64/128
Genre: cRPG
PAL/NTSC compatible
One player game
Save game state on floppy disk

Demo version is not available
Meonlawel is a cRPG game for Commodore 64 computers and can also be played on emulators like Frodo, Vice, CCS64, etc.

The plot

You decide to avenge the death of your father in the land of Meonlawel where his eyes congealed and his heart turned into ice. This is the land of the night, where the ground feasts on agony. It's dominated by vampyres, both animal and human. Their blood was sucked to the last drop. They were turned, and now there is no escaping the curse of constant thirst for blood. Even if there are rumours of an antidote, it is more likely that their ultimate remedy will be a silver sword.

Be careful, though: you can become a vampyre but when you do, your path will change, and so will your... well, lifestyle.


  • Non-linear game progress
  • After being bitten by a vampyre, you have one day to find and take the antidote. If you fail to do so, you will cross over to the dark side: you'll shun daylight, suck lots of blood and... be able to fly.
  • Day, night, dawn & dusk graphic layouts
  • Hi-Res bitmap graphics
  • Multiple weapons and armour
  • Great variety of enemies
  • Save game state in the Inns or with the use of magic scrolls
  • Fights in a turn-based system
  • A lot of hidden items to collect which you will be able to register on the website
  • Enrich your glossary as the game progresses (different words in different paths)
  • Intro, in-game and ending pictures
  • Published on a real diskette or as a digital file for every C64 emulator
  • Additional booklet with rarities and an Audio CD with music from the game
  • Great sense of humour
  • Bonuses for all further projects by Commocore with the purchase of Premium Version

This game is under development. No demo version available yet.

Current state

The main engine is being rewritten from Basic to assembler. A number of new features have been added thanks to the majestic power of assembler. This project will take a lot of time – it's one of those long-term, immortal projects, you know.

January 2019 update: Now, the game works from the cartridge. Loading levels, changing the time of the day and many procedures have been implemented. Level editor has been also developed and it's pretty usable. Now, turn-based fights system is under development.
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