In complete secrecy, from June 9, I've been working on the game you have the opportunity to play right now: Bring back my bones 4k! Read more about the creation of the game, the original concept and what didn't fit in 4 kilobytes for the Reset 64 'Craptastic' 4k game competition!
What about a brand new Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game for your Commodore 64? We're celebrating a first game released by Commocore. You'll find here a short story about a struggle in the last days before the RGCD Game Dev Compo deadline.
c64unit test framework now has the official sticker! They have just arrived and they look absolutely brilliant! This is fun!
In this post, I will share some news about c64unit future plans and the way you can support this open source project!
New release of c64unit test framework has been published. You'll read about the changes on the presentation layer, currently supported cross-assemblers, new functions... and some great things which are coming! And a lot is already happening!
There are as many harbours in the universe as we can only see with the eyes of our imagination. After three years of activity in Dublin, like cosmic nomads, Commocore wandered vast seas of galaxies to settle in a new place, in Amsterdam. Time to send a signal, frequency set, we're transmitting again!
Main theme composed on SID 6581 for Meonlawel, the cRPG game which has been under development for the last 100 years.
Sending and receiving JSON data from API to Commodore 64? It's easy!
First video on YouTube channel from this new series, with game I Ball 2. It's a great shoot'em up!
As promised, this year we're going to release c64unit, the ultimate unit test framework for Commodore 64. We decided to go one step further, and soon c64unit will be able to work with any cross-assembler!
We've just released new PHP library called Petscii. It allows you to display website content properly on Commodore 64/128 browsers like ContikiSingular Browser or HyperLink.
2016 turned out to be a very busy year indeed - but, quite typically, we told you nothing. However, we have decided to finally let you in on some of our little secrets, summing up the previous year and hinting at what's to come.
For one month now I'm working on re-writing existing part of Meonlawel game code from Basic to assembler. Effects are marvellous! Level design has been moved from character Hi-Res mode to bitmap Hi-Res. It means, graphic is even more reacher.
Last photos of Commocore HQ in Poland.
C64 cartridge for 128k, 256k, 512k and 1Mb EPROMs. Ability to bank switching, size of each bank is 8k. In other words, it's possible to select one of 64 banks for 512k EPROM or one of 128 banks for 1Mb EPROM. Ability to disable / enable cartridge in memory.
About our cartridge prototype for Commodore 64!
Today we're testing Contiki web browser with Commocore website on real Commodore 64 machine. Results are outstanding! And everything thanks to 64NIC+ ethernet cartridge.
We've started yet another project, a great adventure game!
You can meet Commocore @ Pixel Heaven on 15-16th June (Warsaw, Poland). You'll be able to play a demo alpha release version of our latest topsykret game called "Cryme" running on a cartridge prototype, and enjoy other stuff. You're welcome (!!).
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