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I wanted to share some good news! The results of this year's contest for the four-kilobyte Reset 64 'Craptastic' 4k game have been announced! Bring back my bones 4k, which I submitted to the competition, is in the top five!

38 productions took part in the competition, among them many really great ones you can spent long evenings playing. Let's take a look at the jurors' verdict. The winner is a 2-button game called Fall by Megastyle. Mega-congratulations! The arcade game Dots by James came second, followed by Jumpin Jalopies (Megastyle again!) and a combination of Pac-man and Bomberman: RodMän Jr by Misfit.

Bring back my bones 4k shared the fifth place with a really nice puzzle game titled Hose It Out, written by Oziphantom. I don't see a problem sharing my cake with Oziphantom!

One of the most fun (in my opinion) games in this competition, Orcapult by Puddlesoft, ended up sixth. Avoid (the second game from James) landed on the seventh position. The last three games in TOP 10 are: a space exploration game Star Lair by Malcontent, crazy SWYD (Megastyle the third time!) and Blockheads written by Carleton Handley, a game with mechanics similar to Dots mentioned above.

TOP 10:

1. Fall - Megastyle (28.71)
2. Dots - James (28.57)
3. Jumpin Jalopies - Megastyle (27.71)
4. RodMän Jr - Misfit (27.43)
5. Bring Back My Bones - Commocore, Hose It Out – Oziphantom (27.29)
6. Orcapult - Puddlesoft (26.86)
7. Avoid - James (26.71)
8. Star Lair - Malcontent (26.43)
9. SWYD - Megastyle (26.29)
10. Blockheads - Carleton Handley (26.14)

As you see, it was really tight!

The results were announced on the official website of the competition: 2020 RESET64 C64 Craptastic 4KB Game Competition Results. As long as comments from jurors are not available yet, they should be published in the near future!

Thanks to the organizers and jurors, and congratulations to all participants and the winner! It was a great fun to take part in it!

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