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c64unit test framework now has the official sticker! They have just arrived and they look absolutely brilliant! This is fun!

The size of a sticker is 4.2 x 5 cm so no doubt it can fit nicely on your laptop, C64 unit or in the weirdest place ever (what about a contest?)! If you want to get a few of them, no problem! Just reach Commocore via e-mail, using social media or find another way, you, creative brains! I will do best to charge only the shipping cost. But hey, you can also make any amount of donation to support this open source project if you want! Or alternatively, just become a contributor to help to find unknown errors and improve this framework!

Future plans of the c64unit project? Yes, there is more to do. First of all, I am planning to add raster lines assertion. It could help to test the execution time and allow to put time boundary constraint of the executed code so you can freely play with optimizations and control the code while the size grows (and it grows fast). 

The next thing is to add greater / less / greater or equal assertions but for words (currently, only bytes comparison is supported). 

Also, I would like to add support for Retro Assembler cross-assembler (by Peter Tihanyi / Engine Designs). c64unit supports six of different cross-assemblers already and you can test a compiled code as well so grab your c64unit framework today and have a good testing time! I started some works also on a c64unit for C language, which is still a proof of concept but works well for basic assertions and just needs more love. 

The other thing is the idea of having automated tests so they could work in pipelines, that could be awesome.

And the last thing I am planning is a video tutorial series to show how the c64unit framework works and how to install it. Also, going through the bunch of examples would be the best way to show the overview of assertions available, but not only. What about writing TDD tests, regression tests... and just writing tests in general so you can enjoy the "green" test results.

In the meantime, check the framework itself and let me know what do you think!

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