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Commocore is proud to announce that our newest game, CommodoRex, has been released in two formats.

CommodoRex is yet another version of T-Rex, a popular runner that you can play when your Chrome web browser is disconnected from the internet. And doing exactly the opposite was the purpose of this project: to play T-Rex when your C64 is online! With 64NIC+ or WiC64 cartridges attached to your C64 this is possible! But, in case you don't have these cartridges, you still can enjoy playing offline and save your hi-scores to disk or tape.

First release is a part of the covermount of Zzap! 64 Micro Issue #10 (issued 1st October 2022). I don't have to introduce this magazine to you, and this issue is special as it's a tribute to Oliver Frey who passed away this year. He did great illustrations for CRASH and Zzap!64 magazines (but not only). No doubt it's a fantastic read, you can get it from here.

The second release is a physical cartridge from our friends, Bobr Games: a limited edition pack called Double Dino. As the name suggests, your entertainment will double with 2 games on it, our CommodoRex and T-Rex Deluxe by Maciej Małecki. Deluxe, because it contains additional levels! And as a bonus, you'll also find a board game - ultimately an offline game! Almost all cartridges have been already sold, but you might still try to get a copy from here.

How was this project created? When I heard about Retro T-Rex competition from Phaze101, I already had mostly a working game I dropped working on 5 years ago (bummer!). It supported online scores submission via 64NIC+ ethernet cartridge, but sending scores was unstable, game was lacking sound, an easter egg, saving to disk or tape and some other menu options. So when I heard about Retro T-Rex competition I knew it's now or never! I also checked if there are other online options available for C64 - 5 years gap is a lot for thriving Commodore scene. I knew about some new solutions already, but when I came across WiC64 wireless interface, I decided to buy one and see if I can add support for it as well! I waited for the interface to be shipped, then assembled it with solder and I had only 1 month left to add support for this device, refactor the code and fix many bugs, including unexpected 6502 JSON Parser library fetching overflow issue. I used this library to interpret the response from the server. Unfortunately I discovered that it was fetching an extra byte that resulted in program freeze due to nature of WiC64 interface. I can tell you it was difficult to get things done and I struggled to the very end. But eventually, CommodoRex was born. At the end, just before the deadline, I pushed even harder and managed to add one special feature: some music that accompanies an easter egg. To sum up, it was a crazy project, and because of the online feature - quite complex to test. I also had some fun time, but for this kind of fun I would say, never again, please!

Game will be available for free in future. For now though, the aim was to support publishers. I hope also that you'll enjoy the physical copy as a lot of love & passion (and sweat!) was put into that release. You can find more about this game here.

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