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For one month now I'm working on re-writing existing part of Meonlawel game code from Basic to assembler. Effects are marvellous! Level design has been moved from character Hi-Res mode to bitmap Hi-Res. It means, graphic is even more reacher.

I'm focused on the first screen with house and bridge. You can look for old screenshots here. Few nice touches were added, few of them are: water animation, road enhancement (it was solid black, for now there are pebbles), absolutely new dialog text boxes with custom font type (font has been designed back then for intro screens, now I can use it widely for a whole game system), and I worked on changes of main character sprite with additional movement animation. A lot of design decisions and compromises. Good fun though!

So far, as it was already done in Basic version, four day times can be rendered and displayed (dusk, day, dawn and night) but for now I'm using my own "Bite Mapper" tool. Yes, "bite" is for reason as you probably know. This tool extracts bitmap and renders all colours transitions. I've rewritten also procedures engine, so it's able to read chains of conditions, detect doors, roads, entrances, and display dialog text boxes.

No more screenshots for now, and no demo yet, a lot of things missing still so I will keep it secret for a little while. All together would get more astonishing result :). I think you will like it a lot!

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