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We've just released new PHP library called Petscii. It allows you to display website content properly on Commodore 64/128 browsers like Contiki, Singular Browser or HyperLink.

Is anyone using web browsers on C64 anymore? Probably not too many, but we think such ideas are worth spreading, and it's great fun! We also hope that these browsers will continue to be supported.

We encourage you to read about limitations on Optimizing HTML for the Contiki Web Browser page (url address has changed recently, and is still incorrectly indexed in Google search results) and Help Support HyperLink 2.5.

Petscii is available on Packagist so you can install it very easily via Composer. And of course, Petscii is used on Commocore website! Current version of library is 1.0.0.

Let us know what you think, and let's spread the word about supporting websites for Commodore 64!

Details and use cases for Petscii can be found in repository.

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