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Till the end of August, you can purchase "The 40 Years Commodore 64 Bundle" with games and magazines. All proceeds will go to the charity Special Effect. In the bundle, among others, you will find two new games released for the 2022 RESET64 C64 Craptastic 4KB Game Competition: Mimizuku Saga 4k and Bring back more bones 4k.

It's worth mentioning about the goal of Special Effect charity, that Commocore was also supporting last year among others by participating in The C64 'Cassette 50' Charity Competition. The aim of charity is to help physically disabled people over the world. With the innovative technology, Special Effect designs and creates game controllers, so these people can be players and enjoy playing games. Games are for everyone, no exceptions! In the bundle you'll find two new games I will mention in a moment, and Swarm 16k released in 2019. Next to it, the bundle contains a lot of great titles, e.g. Hunter's Moon Remastered, Rogue64, Get Witchy or Out of Ink to name a few, two issues of Reset64 magazine and music samples for C64.

You can purchase the bundle over here:

Two new games

"The 40 Years of Commodore 64 Bundle" contains two new games submitted to 2022 RESET64 C64 Craptastic 4KB Game Competition. The first one is Mimizuku Saga 4k, where you take a shape of an eared owl in order to help your ancestors to get out of Yomi, the underworld. It's a casual game with logic elements. The second one is a sequel to the game released two years ago: Bring back more bones 4k. It's a pseudo 3D game, created 100% in PETSCII characters only, where you have to help your... dead uncle to find all his bones. Thanks to better compression method, compared to the original, this version introduces yet another creature (a levitating eye), and a tombstone, as the action takes place at cemetery.

Dark future?

As you see, both games are maintained in a gloomy atmoshpere, but for sure in future you'll be able to play more cheerful titles. Well, Meonlawel is also not one of them, but work on CommodoRex continues. Keep your fingers crossed! We encourage you again to purchase the charity bundle! Commodore 64 is now celebrating its 40th anniversary, a great celebration for our community! Thanks for being with us!

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