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After a big success from 2 years ago (Bring back my bones 4k in TOP 5!), Commocore submitted 2 new games to the 2022 Reset 64 'Craptastic' 4k game competition that took place in the middle of last year. First one was a casual game, Mimizuku Saga 4k. The second one was the sequel to previously submitted shoot-n-collect pseudo 3D first person shooter: Bring back more bones 4k. As the organizer had unfortunately a flood situation at home (!), Commocore kept fingers crossed for the things to get sorted out, and after waiting for a little bit longer, the first 3 places were shared in December, followed by the final results and scores shared in January this year!

It's great news that both games took 4th place ex aequo with the game titled 20, released by Arlasoft. Looking at the score points, it was tight, same as in the 2020 competition. Learning from the previous experience, a lot of effort was put into these two releases. And it was worth it! It's a great honour and a great surprise to see these games landing that high, out of 26 titles submitted.

Unfortunately, another game, Dicing with Death, didn't make it to the competition on time, but it was still great to play 3 other games from Megastyle.

Besides that, I really really enjoyed playing Infiniral by Goerp. I tried to help him a little bit with testing, and really loved the game mechanics, idea, and execution. I am looking forward to an extended version of this really fun and addictive game. Chooo chooo!

Congratulations to Roman Werner, who nailed the competition this year with Marble Boy. Well deserved! Looking at his other games, including many jaw-dropping Basic 10-Liners, this gentleman is not going to retire any soon!

In closing, with these news, it's really a good start of 2023, and a great energy booster for Commocore! I'm looking forward to judges' comments, especially that Commocore has plans to bring back more bones for your Commodore 64, in the full version!

2022 Reset 64 'Craptastic' 4k game competition results:

1. Marble Boy - Roman Werner (28.6)
2. Circles - James (28)
3. Mike Quarter - Arlasoft (26.4)
4. Mimizuku Saga 4k - Commocore (25.8)
4. Bring back more bones 4k - Commocore (25.8)
4. 20 - Arlasoft (25.8)
5. Delve - Puddle/Anthony Stiller (25.6)
5. Poke 4k - Protovision/Oziphantom (25.6)
6. Nurikabe - Carleton Handley (25.2)
7. Skyhigh the Prequel - Dusan Milivojevic (24.6)
7. Brownfinger - Megastyle (24.6)
8. Snake Break - Encore (24.4)
9. Old Mine Hoist - Geir Straume (23.8)
10. Headhunter - George Kirkham (23.6)
10. Jolly Jumper - Megastyle (23.6)
11. Skiddy 4k - Design/Chaos (22.4)
12. Brum Brum - Megastyle (22)
13. Infinirail - Goerp (21.4)
14. Little Nippers 4k - Richard of TND (21.2)
15. Jump Course - Charles Grey (21)
16. Catch 22 - Cout Games (20.4)
17. Hard Foam - Twain Pain Games (20.2)
18. Morubotto - Cogitaire Computing (19.8)
19. Be A Bear 4k - Patagonia (17.8)
20. Gun Shooty Game V0.1 - Martin Piper (17.4)
21. Ant Stiller's Top Hat Challenge - Cameron Davis (16.4)
N/A Dicing with Death - Megastyle (Out of competition)

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