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Last updated: 2023-04-22
You can check the repository here: https://bitbucket.org/Commocore/wic64-http-client

It contains the following examples:
  • HTTP GET call to API that displays the raw JSON response on the screen
  • the same call but with loading the response into memory and parsing statically by 6502 JSON Parser
  • the same call but with the response being parsed on the fly from the stream by 6502 JSON Parser

This repository is a continuation of the HTTP client for RR-Net connection solution I made before.

If you're interested to use JSON in your response, you can easily parse it on Commodore 64 with the 6502 JSON Parser library.

You can read more about WiC64 Wireless interface here: https://www.wic64.de

And, check the game that facilitates all that goodness: CommodoRex.


Check out the videos how to assemble and use WiC64 in practice:

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