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As promised, this year we're going to release c64unit, the ultimate unit test framework for Commodore 64. We decided to go one step further, and soon c64unit will be able to work with any cross-assembler!

So far, it supports 64tass, KickAssembler, and DASM. You can make assertions against set of data, make flags assertions, or mock methods! Everything is easy to install and use within just a few lines of test code.

I first thought of creating a unit test framework while I was working on the A* pathfinding algorithm for the game Steel Duck. I needed to have some level of certainty when working on the algorithm and without test cases, I simply couldn't check all possibilities and catch rare exceptions while adjusting and improving the code! As my custom framework turned out to be extremely useful, I thought it could be a very handy tool for everyone, so I've focused on making it even more versatile, and user friendly... and last but not least, making it useful for a variety of cross-assemblers. And the whole concept started to work perfectly.

Commocore will soon be releasing a beta version of the framework and your feedback on how it works will be more than welcome!

Keep calm and commodore!

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